max/MSP | FE Tools
■ DOShack A DOS command prompt in your Max v0.3 Java
Windows only
■ EnvVar Returns environment variables v1.3 Java [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]
Windows only
■ MP3Enc Convert one or multiple .wav / .aif files to .mp3 v0.1 Java [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]
Windows only
■ fe.fwd Dynamic remote router for any kind of message v1.0 External    
■ netsend~

Uncompressed audio data over IP. Originally written by Olaf Matthes.

sd1.0b External [Max 5.x] [PureData]
Windows | OSX

max/MSP | Externals compiled for Windows
■ tl.objects by trond lossius v2.0.2 02-24-2009 [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]  
■ FFTexternals by nathan wolek v0.2 02-24-2009 [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]  
■ nw.gverb~ by nathan wolek   02-24-2009 [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]  
■ fripp~ by jan pekau   02-24-2009 [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]  
■ xroute by jhno        
■ parse by gary lee nelson        
■ sinus~ by richard dudas        
■ frame~ by jer welter        
■ argv by jer welter        
■ chaoslib by jeroen liebgrets        
■ dist & remote by ioannis zannos        
■ pulse by james maccartney     [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]  
■ slice~ by Nao Tokui     [Max 4.5.x] [Max 5.x]